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Back To The Future Icontest

Since when can weathermen predict the weather, let alone the future?

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Back To The Future Icontest

Hi, and welcome to bttf_icontest, a still icontest community for the film series known as "Back to the Future." Challenges are posted weekly, and each has a specific theme pertaining to the movies.

1. Challenges will be posted once a week, typically on the same day every week. Winners will be announced the day the new challenge is posted.

2. You may post three icons per challenge. Entries are submitted in a comment to the challenge post and are done so in the following format:


Your icon must fit the LJ 100x100 pixels and be under 40 KB. Use a site that uploads remotely to LJ, such as Photobucket.

3. No entries may be animated. This is a still icon community, so, please, do not enter any icons with animated elements.

4. Please, PLEASE do not use or post your entries before the winners are announced. Display of your icons may lead to biased voting based on friendship, etc.

5. Vote fairly and take the time to examine each and every icon separately. Vote based upon skill and appeal to the eye, not upon friendship or any other factors. Do not vote for your own entries, even if you believe you icon is the best. Allow equal oppurtunity for everyone :D

6. If you are not a participating of the community and like what you see, please ask the maker of the icon for permission before using it yourself. If you use any icons, give credit to that maker.

7. Do not bash another's work. If the icon-maker asks for it, you may give constructive criticism between the two of you (not on the community's post). If you bash, you will be ejected from the community.

8. Want to affiliate? Any suggestions? Comment at the affiliates post or the suggestion post and I'll respond ASAP.

9. Here are good resources for screencaps:

A site with every single frame of all parts:

Parts I, II, III
(thanks to anivad)


Part I
Part II
Part III
Keep refreshing the page if it doesn't show up the first time.
(thanks to cacassandra)

Another, with fewer but less squashed:

Parts I, II, III

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Back to the Future-related:

Non-Back to the Future-related:

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